Little Missy!

Remember this shot titled Got Rice! from my 365 project.

My wife’s niece (and her family) were visiting us from Chicago and shot this last evening while she posed for this portrait.

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  1. Nikhil Ramkarran
    Nikhil Ramkarran says:

    She is a photogenic little tyke 🙂 Amazing how much she seems to have grown in just such a short time. Or maybe not having food smeared over face makes her seem more mature 🙂

    Anyway, having used that embarrassing photo of her, you owe her to put a sober one online.

  2. photosbymartina
    photosbymartina says:

    What a great capture, it says a lot! I love your casual approach to the children you photograph. Very nice. You should do kids portraits more often. BTW – Can I send mine your way, they don’t like my camera. 😉

    • sasi (
      sasi ( says:

      Thanks for the wonderful compliments. I wish I could do more portraits of my kids. My 7yr old daughter doesn’t like to be in pictures and my 3yr old doesn’t care much (yet). Although, it’s quite hard to have a 3yr old boy to stay in a place.

  3. Emily Gooch
    Emily Gooch says:

    Adorable portrait capture Sasi. She looks happy and at ease with the camera. I like the color process you used for this shot. From experience, the best way to capture moving targets (little kids) is a Point and Shoot. 😉

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