I am a St. Louis based photographer and I was born and brought up in India. Moved to the US in the late 1990s and St. Louis is my hometown now – Go Cardinals!!

I started photography as a hobby about 12+ years ago and Kodak DC240 was my first digital camera. It was a great entry level point and shoot digital camera and learnt my composition skills using that camera. Surprisingly, my Kodak DC240 still works great – but the cycle time is more than a second and no where as fast as the modern age camera.

My first true SLR camera was Nikon 6066 – bought it secondhand from someone here in south county based on a Sunday newspaper ad (this was before Craigslist era). Had it used for about 3+ years.

Then bought my cropped sensor Nikon D70 digital SLR back in early 2004. Used it for about 7+ years and learnt quite a bit using that camera. Started shooting in Program and Aperture mode and slowly moved onto to shooting in Manual mode. Did my Photo 365 project and 52 Week photo projects using D70. These days I use D70 as a backup camera when I shoot events.

Bought Nikon D600 back in 2012. Already cleaned the sensor couple of times (using DIY wet cleaning swabs) and it’s a been great camera sans the sensor issue. Still trying to figure where this D600 will take me 🙂