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My rainy day adventure

Decided to take upon the Daily Post weekly photo challenge themed Adventure. Haven’t done a challenge or project in a long time and got my inspiration from David Williams. It was a rainy evening and I ventured into my backyard as the pouring rain was taking a break to seek my rainy day adventure shot 😉

Going, Going, Gone…

No, I am not talking about this just gone August month. It’s about my $35.00 promo portrait session. Why Oh Why? That’s what a couple of my good photog friends had to ask when I had posted my real sweet deal about a month ago. Surely they knew what it takes to do a successful […]


  Just about a month ago, I had a gig to do some portraits and location shoot for a client in St. Louis area. During my initial conversation with the client, as they mentioned doing portraits my mind started fancying the idea of doing headshots. Then about a week before the shoot, I started doing […]

$35 promotional mini portrait session

What better way to celebrate owning a photography business – throw a promo mini portrait shoot session 🙂   Yes; it’s official – I have a photography business Aperture 22 Photography LLC registered here in Missouri. Though the idea of starting a photography business has been seeded in my mind for a long long time […]

Augusta, MO Photowalk

Had a chance to do a photowalk with the photogs at the O’Fallon Photo Club at Augusta, MO this past weekend. Haven’t done a photowalk with these folks in a long time now. My last photowalk with this club was back in 2006 or so during the worldwide photowalk day in St. Charles, MO. Though […]

St. Louis Air Show 2014

Had a chance to visit St. Louis Air Show this year with friends and family. Perfect weather on this Sunday for an air show and took my good old Nikon D70 to shoot, as D600 is yet to be serviced by Nikon LA center. Cropped sensor coupled with Nikon 70-200mm came in handy for this […]