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w52.33.2: Facetime

I took this shot almost a year ago when we were visiting family in Chicago. It was real cold winter night in Chicago and went for a night time photo walk in Michigan Avenue braving the cold weather. As I was going through my Lightroom catalog this evening, came across this shot and surprised to […]

w52.33.1: Santa brings excitement, and cheer

A candid shot from yesterday. Kids in our neighborhood has a biweekly community event and one of my friend has volunteered to dress up as Santa to bring cheer/excitement in kids. I had an opportunity to shoot some pictures and really liked this one. Kids had no idea about Santa’s visit and I want to capture the […]

w52.32.2: Mr. Wall Street?

Street photography – something that I haven’t explored much during my 365 project. I got my inspiration (a lot of inspiration) from street photographer Thomas Leuthard and my photography friend Nikhil. You can checkout Thomas Leuthard’s work at 85mm.ch and Nihkil’s work at badlightgoodlight.com Shot this as I was getting back from work. Used my new toy, […]

w52.32.1: Bhajans

Had a chance to shoot pictures for my friend (on Friday) who had Pooja & Bhajans at his home. He is an Ayyappan devotee who is observing 41 days fasting. Shot this as my friend’s daughter was singing bhajans. On a side note, I had a chance to put my hands on full frame Nikon […]

w52.31.1:Got Pez?

Pez – who doesn’t like ’em? My daughter has been wanting to buy her Pez candies and bought these just after Halloween. That’s the subject for this post. One thing I didn’t get to explore much during my 365 project (last year) was flash photography and/or strobe photography. So I had ponied up money and bought couple […]

w52.30.1: Neglected

I got the idea for this shot this evening when I found this withered mint in our kitchen – we had harvested these mint couple of weeks ago from our backyard..those looks neglected, doesn’t it? It kind of goes with my blog (sadly). It’s been neglected these days too 🙁 I have gotten busy with […]

w52.29.1: Tree by the house at dusk

Took my son for a walk this evening and shot this tree close to where we live just after sunset. Winter and cold weather will be here soon and should be challenging to find subject(s) as we will be bundled up in our house – I might end up doing portraits of kids or perhaps […]