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w52.27.1: Mailbox

Spotted this mailbox while I took a walk with my friend in a neighborhood close home. Though I don’t like the idea of taking pictures from someone’s yard, this was hard to resist 😉

w52.26.1: What you got?

Time flies when you have good company. That was the case this past weekend. I had my school friends visiting us from Chicago and we were pretty busy entertaining friends. Took the friend’s kids to a park close home and as we were getting ready to leave, one of the kid’s mom in the park […]

w52.25.1: I’m Thinking Arby’s

Had to kill some time this evening at Arby’s while getting my car fixed. As I was sipping my hot, sweetened coffee, a thought sparkled to hone my composition skills 😉 That’s how I ended up with this coffee shot. Arby’s coffee – nothing special, just another run-of-the-mill coffee.

w52.23.1: Narrative Photography

Lately I am leaning towards narrative photography 😉 I like my shots to be unstaged, more natural, and those seems to tell a story. Realized a better place to start it is at home – with kids there always seems to be plenty of moments to explore in narrative photography. Shot this as my kids […]

w52.22.2: Guerrilla Street Food

Had a chance to tryout Guerrilla Street Food this noon. Although their street food is not new to me, this time was rather different as I got free lunch 😉 They had tweeted earlier with a password and the first 5 to tell ’em their password gets free lunch – I guess it pays to […]

w52.22.1 Emptiness

Another shot from a park close home. I have been there umpteen times and always surprised when I can find something new to capture. Shot this bench overlooking lake Whetzel. This bench sits on an embankment and as I was walking around the lake, found this low lying area which gave an interesting view. This […]