w52.28.1: Burning Bush

Shot these leaves on a Burning Bush plant last evening when I took a much needed photowalk at a park close home. Looking at these make me think holidays are almost here 😉

w52.27.1: Mailbox

Spotted this mailbox while I took a walk with my friend in a neighborhood close home. Though I don’t like the idea of taking pictures from someone’s yard, this was hard to resist 😉

w52.26.1: What you got?

Time flies when you have good company. That was the case this past weekend. I had my school friends visiting us from Chicago and we were pretty busy entertaining friends.

Took the friend’s kids to a park close home and as we were getting ready to leave, one of the kid’s mom in the park stopped by and asked if she could offer the kids her Halloween themed cupcakes. As the kids settled down to enjoy their treat, I shot this – initially I thought this shot is going to be a snapshot but it ended to be narrative shot when I saw this in my desktop.

I like the way the kids are looking at other’s cupcake (although all are the same) and my little one trying to say something. Ah kids 😉

w52.25.1: I’m Thinking Arby’s

Had to kill some time this evening at Arby’s while getting my car fixed. As I was sipping my hot, sweetened coffee, a thought sparkled to hone my composition skills 😉

That’s how I ended up with this coffee shot.

Arby’s coffee – nothing special, just another run-of-the-mill coffee.

w52.24.1: Driftwood

Spotted this driftwood in a lake close home.

w52.23.1: Narrative Photography

Lately I am leaning towards narrative photography 😉

I like my shots to be unstaged, more natural, and those seems to tell a story. Realized a better place to start it is at home – with kids there always seems to be plenty of moments to explore in narrative photography.

Shot this as my kids were busy with their reading/writing. Used 50mm Nikon @f/5.6 for this shot.

w52.22.3: Autumnal Equinox – The First Day of Fall

A quick shot to depict the change in season.

w52.22.2: Guerrilla Street Food

Had a chance to tryout Guerrilla Street Food this noon. Although their street food is not new to me, this time was rather different as I got free lunch 😉

They had tweeted earlier with a password and the first 5 to tell ’em their password gets free lunch – I guess it pays to follow ’em on twitter. Thank you Guerrilla Food!

Shot this as I waiting for my order to be filled.

w52.22.1 Emptiness

Another shot from a park close home. I have been there umpteen times and always surprised when I can find something new to capture.

Shot this bench overlooking lake Whetzel. This bench sits on an embankment and as I was walking around the lake, found this low lying area which gave an interesting view.

This shots much reminds me of the winter time in park when it’s almost empty…hence the title Emptiness.

w52.21.2: Brain Fuel

Another shot from our visit to Oberweis ice-cream store last week. Kids definitely enjoyed their chess game while enjoying their frozen treats.