No, not that kind of explosion. We are not talking about the “B” word…

When I see this, I see an explosion of some sort..kind of resembles firework, doesn’t it?

Ready to bloom

Ready to bloom

Ready to bloom

First it was daffodil, followed by hyacinths to bloom in our yard. Now it’s  dandelion’s turn to bloom.

I need to find the recipe for dandelion tea now 😉

Tiger lily grass

Simplicity – that’s what I had in mind when I shot these tiger lily grass.


Photo opportunity via a weedy bloom.

Had a chance to play with my macro lens on this wonderful spring evening. Hope you are enjoying the spring weather too!

Looking up…

As much as I like to shoot flowers in their natural settings, there are times when I need more control on POV/lighting – read that as “pluck” the blooms…LOL

It’s one of those days and had to gently pluck this daffodil for this indoor shot. Shot this by placing the daffodil close to the window and went for a low POV. It was a bit cloudy when I shot this and the background turned our as I wanted.

Now the bloom sits on a vase in our counter top, besides being a good sport for this shoot 🙂

And those grains…call me silly or egghead – had to bump the ISO for my earlier shot and never realized to change it back until I had this downloaded.


Quite a cold/windy day and I tried shooting hyacinths in my front yard. I want to experiment with a different point of view (POV) and really liked the way how the petals were curling up/down.

Had this shot lying in my front yard while enjoying the pleasant smell from the hyacinths on this cold and windy evening.

Fibonacci spiral

This is sort of a Fibonacci spiral as explored in a park near home 😉

Caught in the wind

Another shot from my visit to the park yesterday. Here is something I almost missed at the first glance and came back (immediately) as I thought there was a photo opportunity that I didn’t want to pass.

It was quite windy and this “old” leaf was still hanging in there – perhaps for this shot 😉

Have a great weekend folks!

Faded glory

Shot this remnants of Aster in our front yard couple of days ago…a symbol of faded glory but still beautiful.

Colors of Spring

Spotted this almost dead looking twig and new growth…call it wonders of spring.