Clementines again

And my experiment with clementines as subject continues 😉

Not an original idea for this still life shot…but then again in photography is there such thing as copying, considering there are so many parameters and PP in one’s arsenal that one could use to emulate another shot.

Shot this with window lighting and used a homemade aluminum foil board as a reflector.

Photo 365: Day 61 – Silhouette

Contrary to yesterday’s post, today’s photo post is not a cheerful/colorful one.

Did some experimentation with lighting this evening to capture this silhouette of netting on the screen door. Focused the camera at the netting towards the bright clouds/sky. Used manual mode and slightly overexposed to wash out netting that were out of focus. As I used 60mm macro with shallow depth of field, all the netting towards the far right and left appears almost washed out.

Later used Adobe RAW to add contrast. I kind of like it 😉

Photo 365: Day 52 – 6 seconds

Had a chance to experiment/play with light this afternoon. As I am pushing myself to make use of my Nikon 50mm prime lens (besides using it for portraits), this afternoon I tried my hands on taking picture of  my alarm clock in natural lighting.

We got this electrical, backlight alarm clock that has seconds hand. For my light experiment, I exposed my camera for a 6 seconds exposure and you can see the trails of seconds hand. As you could see just by counting the trails, this was indeed exposed for 6 seconds 😉

Photo 365: Day 27 – Fuji Apple

I got the idea for today’s post from Flickr. Here are some ideas on how this was done.

Obviously you need an Apple for this project 😉
Used a spray bottle to create water drops effect and a black yoga mat for the backdrop. I had this set up in the basement where I could have more control over the light. Turned off all the lights source –  except a project light with a wax paper on top, lit from the left side. Then had my D70/Nikkor 60mm macro set on my tripod and shot this in full manual mode.

I am not totally satisfied with this though. I think the front was overexposed. May be next time, I need to play with the lighting setup.

Photo 365: Day 18 – Whisk

Here is a macro capture of Whisk. Used 60mm macro in manual mode to capture this shot.

Photo 365: Day 5 – Ripe raspberries

Another macro capture using my Nikon 60mm macro lens. Personally I feel red objects on pictures kind of burns out and ruin the picture. I took over 20 snaps and liked this one better than the others.

Photo 365: Day 4 – Colorful flexi straws (bonus picture)

Here is a bonus picture for day 4.

Photo 365: Day 4 – Colorful flexi straws

Picked up these colorful flexi straws while doing grocery shopping last weekend and it worked out for today’s post. Used a slinky to hold them together and used my 60mm macro to capture this.

Photo 365: Day 3 – Christmas candies

Got these candies on sale at the grocery store yesterday. What better way to enjoy the candies – take pictures and eat ’em 🙂

Photo 365: Day 2 – Ripe pomegranate pearls

Macro capture of ripe pomegranate pearls.
Here is a brief summary on how this was captured:
Reversed the 50mm prime lens and used a reverse ring adapter BR-2A to mount it to my D70.  Then mounted the camera on my monopod to capture these pearls. SB-600 flash was used and light was bounced of the ceiling.