Shrimp ‘n dry gravy

It’s Sunday and had some spare time for a foodie shot.

I struggled a bit to come up with this composition. Originally tried these piled atop a rice and didn’t like that composition.

Then thought I should build a shrimp tower atop the rice bed..that didn’t work either. So went for this arrangement with the shrimp tower resting on a plate. Used some sliced English Cucumber in this composition to bring in colors and contrast the vertical shrimp tower.

I am  quite pleased with this outcome and yes this was delicious 🙂

Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

It’s Sunday and it’s time for a foodie shot 😉

Found a recipe for banana bread and tweaked it slightly to make it into a “fortified” banana bread – replaced about a 1/3 cup of flour with flax meal, wheat germ, and oat bran. The best part – the kids didn’t find it and they seemed to like it.

It took me quite a while to come up with this shot. A bread is a bread and I found it hard to come up with an interesting composition. Then I struggled with using the available lighting for this foodie shot.

Finally thought I should arrange it in such a way to reveal the texture. Then I had this shot with full sunlight to show the texture.

Stir Fry

It’s been a while since I last posted a foodie shot…

It’s not that we aren’t cooking anymore, it just takes quite a bit of time for food shots – from the time it takes to set the table for the food to get everything right. Further I still rely on natural window lighting for my food shots and it has to be done just before the Sun sets. That being said, only weekend seems to be a good time for my food photography.

Had this tofu/veggie stir fry shot using window lighting and used a couple of home made aluminum foil wrapped reflectors to brighten up shaded spots. Used 50mm @f/5.6 prime lens for this foodie shot.

Chicken drumstick curry

Another foodie shot…

There is something about food that I like to capture…may be it’s such a docile subject which doesn’t cringe or frown 😉

I was thinking about it on this line last week. My wife is a good cook and there is always something cooking, so how about I shoot her food for my blog. It makes me happy that I got a shot for the day and should make her happy that her food made it to the blog (besides feeding us).

It’s a win win situation, right?

Anyway, shot this using window lighting and used a foam board with aluminum foil stuck on it to direct the light on hard spots.

One of these days I need to pony up enough cash to buy continuous lighting,  so that I am not totally relying on free window lighting. Nothing wrong with natural window lighting (that I always like), it’s just that I don’t have to make my shoot before Mr. Sun goes down.

Photo 365: Day 5 – Ripe raspberries

Another macro capture using my Nikon 60mm macro lens. Personally I feel red objects on pictures kind of burns out and ruin the picture. I took over 20 snaps and liked this one better than the others.

Photo 365: Day 2 – Ripe pomegranate pearls

Macro capture of ripe pomegranate pearls.
Here is a brief summary on how this was captured:
Reversed the 50mm prime lens and used a reverse ring adapter BR-2A to mount it to my D70.  Then mounted the camera on my monopod to capture these pearls. SB-600 flash was used and light was bounced of the ceiling.

Photo 365 – Day 1

Decided to start on my Photo 365 project today (wish me luck!!)
Got to start the new year with home baked cookies 🙂



Ripe pomegranate…

Pomegranate seeds

Pomegranate seeds

Garnet jewels 🙂

Healthy Granola bars


Recipe for Healthy Granola bar can be found in my other blog ( here.