Seed Head

Seed Head

Seed Head

You have seen egg head(s) before in my photo blog..and here comes seed head..i.e, Dandelion seed head 😉

Macro me

And the daffodil said – “macro me” 😉

New Vs Old

Shot this at a park close home today.

Not a clue about this tree/bloom but was delighted to see the seed and new bloom in the same branch.

Chain link

What do you do when you have a few thousand pounds dumpster sitting on your drive way?

Go look for photo ops 😉

Still life

It’s been quite some time now, since the last time I did still life photography.

As I was looking for subject(s) for my shot, what got my attention was these little clementines. They are sweet and interesting photographic subject as well.

Shot this with window lighting using my 60mm macro lens.


Star – we are not talking about rock star here 😉

It’s the stuff that the flower’s petals are attached. I looked up Google and it’s called Calyx.

I didn’t want to sound like a botanist, so I came up with this misleading title Star

Firecracker Flower/Bud

Firecracker Flower – another ‘babied’ tropical plant that has survived this winter. This has survived 3 winters now – as it’s grown in a flower pot,  it’s easy to move around with the change in season.

Used Sigma 150mm macro lens @f/9.0 for this shot.

If you love macro and got some cash to invest in photography hobby, this is one of the best lens I would suggest.

Texture & Pattern

As I was looking for macro subject for today’s post what caught my attention was my daughter’s scarf.

Upon close observation I saw a pattern and a wonderful texture. Had this shot with 60mm macro @f/11 using window loighting.

Another day…

When you’re uninspired and bored shoot an egg or eggs… 😉

Photo 365: Day 101 – Fortune cookie saying V1

We were pleasantly surprised to find this fortune cookie saying strip on Friday – apparently my wife had saved this from about 5+ years ago 😉

You could see it’s old by the look of the strip.

This is the version I liked. My wife thought this was boring and look the other version here which has similar composition but with added florals 😉