w52.1.1: Hands


That’s my son enjoying his Sunday morning home baked breakfast muffin.

No it’s not a paparazzi shot 😉

So it begins...

w52.0: So it begins…

So it begins...

So it begins..that’s a quote I like from the movie The Lord of the Rings. Couple of days ago I blogged about finishing up on my daily photo posts and going on a “lite” version.

Decided to take this lighter version of photo blogging project. This idea about doing a weekly project has been lurking in the back of my mind for a long time now. I think when I completed my 365 project back in Dec 31st, I want to jump in on this weekly project but some how ended up doing a daily post for the past months this year.

Then came the question of what to name it. Project 52 doesn’t sound as catchy as Project 365, may be because we are much used to concept of days and not by the the idea of going by the weeks.

How about w52 ?
So here is w52.0 – a prelude to w52. Sure, you can call me a geek 😉

As always, your comments are very much appreciated. I think that’s what fueled fuels me to keep going and going…

A Change of Plans

A Change of Plans

A Change of Plans

My daughter was a “willing” model for today’s shot – it always works when the family cooperates, doesn’t it?

A Change of Plans: After 450+ days of photo blogging, I am planning on going easy on this marathon daily photo posts. Although I very much enjoy blogging, I think time has come for me to concentrate on other things – be it self-improvement or time to spend more time with the family and/or getting fit.

I am thinking on going on a lighter version of this photo project, like a weekly post or something. Will decide soon – perhaps in a couple of days.

So that’s the message via this photo post.

I will still be around. You can find me on FacebookKeep blogging!

Lake Whetzel

Had some time to spend by lake Whetzel this evening while waiting for my daughter to get back from her chess club. I think this park/lake has a lot of offer. So you can see more pictures in the days to come 😉

It was a perfect spring day and I saw folks fishing, walking, and families taking pictures at the park.

I like the way this “reflection” shot turned out. Bonus to this shot – those kids and Mom “marching” into the frame.

Have a great weekend folks!

On a rainy day…

This shot should depict the weather here in St. Louis today.

I was a bit surprised to see snow when I woke up this morning. As the day progressed rain turned into sleet and rain…

So what do you do when it rains and have some time to kill…go out with your camera and look for photo ops 😉

Have a great weekend folks!

Kids at play

Shot this couple of days ago when my kids were enjoying the warm weather outside.

Makes me wonder where did the warm weather go..today’s weather in the 30’s feels like we are heading right back to winter again 😉

Feeling Lucky?


Found this clover growing alongside an indoor tropical plant and thought this picture should be appropriate for today 🙂

Happy St. Patrick’s day!

Strong Shadow

With plenty of sunlight in our dining area decided to do this fun shot..call it sunny day catwalk.

There was sunlight creeping through the shades and got this little super guy placed in such a way to get strong shadows and give the feel that he is doing a catwalk 😉


Shot from the visit to the park close home.

I would have missed the reflection/shadows of those two trees if I haven’t changed my POV.

Roman Shade

I was quite surprised to see snow when I woke up early this AM..and we thought spring was in the air.

Anyway weather seems to be warming up rest of the week and will have to see if I get some time to get out of home and take some shots.

Shot this roman shade this evening as my son was watching snow and counting cars 😉

I was drawn by the lines and curves..still don’t know how I missed this earlier.