Spotted the king(?)

Spotted this graffiti art underneath the Lake Shore Dr. bridge on the way to the Field museum in Chicago.

Could it be the king? 😉


Shot this Brachiosaurus sculpture outside the Field Museum in Chicago during my recent visit there.

With the blue sky in the background, I thought this turned out real nice.


Evolution…as seen in Chicago Field Museum.

Bird’s view

Another shot from last spring. Spotted this seagull perched on a wall across from Field Museum in Chicago.


Spotted this jogger in a park along Michigan Ave during my visit to Chicago last year.

Tour Bus

Spotted this tour bus along Michigan Ave during my visit to Chicago in spring 2010

Segway Tour

Shot these folks on Segway tour during my visit to Chicago last spring.

Go Green!

Alleyway & Skyscraper

Another shot from my past trip to Chicago in December 2010.

Skyscraper as seen through an alleyway somewhere along Wabash Ave. in downtown Chicago.

Standing high

Another shot from my trip to Chicago last December. Shot this on the way to the Field Museum.

Fire escapes – diptych

I salvaged these from my photo archive for this diptych post 😉

Shot these fire escapes behind tall apartment buildings on Wabash Ave. in downtown Chicago during my trip up there in December 2010.