The Daily Post – Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

This week’s The Daily Post photo challenge is Humanity.

Love is what keeps us (the mankind) together.

Motherly Love

Nikon D600, Nikon 24-70mm, ISO 100, 1/200sec @f/3.2, lit by Westcott Octabox


Going, Going, Gone…

No, I am not talking about this just gone August month. It’s about my $35.00 promo portrait session.

Why Oh Why? That’s what a couple of my good photog friends had to ask when I had posted my real sweet deal about a month ago. Surely they knew what it takes to do a successful outdoor portrait session and they cautioned me not to get burned with my promo sessions 😉

Ah yes; I know that, my dear friend. I am doing the month long promo all in the name of marketing my spanking new photography venture and just want to get out there and shoot/show what I have to offer..that’s what I

Surely, it took a lot of work. You see, I have a day job that pays my bills and I’m a weekend warrior when it comes to my photography business. So it did take a lot of ground work. From the time it takes

to coordinating with the client, to come with an agreeable time on the weekend and location for the shoot
to get something going for the kids when me and wifey are gone for the shoot
to get the post processing done in a reasonable amount of time
to get the marketing aspect of the business going
to continue working with the  client when the shoot is complete
….and the list goes on….

No, I’m not complaining.
I am just making a point on what a heck of a deal this sweet promotion was 😉

Some of my favs from this past 30 days or so

$35 promotional mini portrait session

What better way to celebrate owning a photography business – throw a promo mini portrait shoot session 🙂


Yes; it’s official – I have a photography business Aperture 22 Photography LLC registered here in Missouri. Though the idea of starting a photography business has been seeded in my mind for a long long time now, it didn’t turn into fruition until this Spring. It’s one of those things, you wait and wait for no apparent reason – I hear that as procrastination. May be so 😉

Back on the promo detail…

What does $35 buy you?


We will work on a date/time preferably in the evening (before sunset) or weekend for the shoot – did I mention I’m a weekend warrior 😉

You pick a place – park/backyard and such. Outdoors are way better than studio for portrait session. You still want it be done indoors. No problem 🙂

If you have some idea for pose, you can share them via Pinterest or email.

I may suggest what color clothes to wear for the shoot.

I drive with my handy, dandy assistant a.k.a. wife (she got an “eye” for portrait and we work as a team) for the photo shoot session.

Mini session will run for 30 minutes – oh yes; I will run my stop watch. Just kidding 😉

We will try 3 – 5 poses during the session and will try to capture candid moments too.

After the shoot, you will get the digital copyright to all the You will get about 10 pictures professionally post processed.

You do get 2 8×10 pictures (of your choice) printed.

You will get all the pictures on a DVD media or uploaded to cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)


Contact me here to schedule your portrait session.

w52.20.2: Chitchat

Had a chance to visit Oberweis ice cream store (on Sunday) with friends on our way back from the Midwest Music Conservatory after the music recital program. It was a treat for kids for doing a wonderful job during their recital.

I took some quick shots of the kids enjoying their treat and this one in particular turned out really well. I really like the natural flow in this shot of the friends kids (3yr and 4yr old) having a chitchat while enjoying their treat.

Makes me wonder what they’re chatting about 😉

w52.18.1: Picture Me

Had a chance to attend a birthday party and shot this with my P&S camera as my friends were posing for a portrait and another friend was using his mobile phone/camera to shoot their portrait. I call this a Picture-in-Picture 😉

Little Missy!

Remember this shot titled Got Rice! from my 365 project.

My wife’s niece (and her family) were visiting us from Chicago and shot this last evening while she posed for this portrait.

What’s on TV?

That’s my son enjoying his favorite show on PBS. I didn’t use flash for this shot (as I didn’t want to lose the moment) so had to bump up the ISO and ended up with a grainy portrait. But I’m overall satisfied with the outcome.